About Me

Akhilesh, based in Melbourne, Australia, migrated a few years ago and has since embarked on an interesting journey. His acting journey started as a kid participating in school plays. His diverse experience encompasses notable achievements such as his debut in Stan Originals “Jones Family Christmas” in 2023 and Red Stitch Theatre’s production of “The Meeting” by Jeff Stetson in 2022, off-camera work in regional language commercial films in India, and starring as lead actor in more than 20 student films in Los Angeles. Akhilesh’s artistic journey extends to his involvement as an ensemble member of “The Academy” and “F**k this, I quit,” esteemed groups regularly performing at “The Improv Conspiracy”, Melbourne. He was selected as the graduate ensemble actor for 2022 by Red Stitch Theatre a coveted position awarded only to one or two actors each year throughout Australia. Akhilesh has also undergone training at Brave Studios under the mentorship of accomplished industry professionals such as Rob Meldrum, Damian Walshe Howling, Ana Kokkinos, Lyndelle Green, Daniela Farinacci, Mark Henessy, Miranda Harcourt and more. Fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Marwari (Rajasthani).

Interesting Details

  • Sundance Film Festival 2024, USA
  • Acted in Marathi Film “Gaon Tasa Chanagala”, India

What’s on

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Akhilesh can be seen in Stan Originals – Jones Family Christmas

Akhil has been selected for the highly competitive Graduate Actor 2022 by Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre, Melbourne.

If you would like to have a chat about collaborating on a new or existing project, feel free to drop me a message or email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


The Meeting – Red Stitch Actors Theatre

“It is a wonderfully paced play and the addition of Akkhilesh Jain as Malcom X’s body guard offers levity in what is a tense and thought-provoking story. Jain had the audience laughing out loud with his well-timed quips, and serves as a physical representation of the pawns which Malcom X is fighting to protect in his game of chess.”

Sebastian Purcell, Theatre Press

“Then we are introduced to his bodyguard (and at times friend) Rashad (Akhilesh Jain). In what remains as a serious play, Rashad does provide some comedic relief at points. From the first scene, it’s apparent there is immediate chemistry between Jain and Christopher Kirby (Malcolm X), the acting is strong from the pair.”

Benjamin Lamb, Theatre Travels

“I also must mention the Australian debut performance of Akhilesh Jain as X’s bodyguard Rashad, which is a welcome injection of humour and personal loyalty that shines a light around some of the darker subject matter.”

Daniel Townsend, Arts Review